Yixian Sun       孙一先

Peer-reviewed articles   (please email me if you need copies)

Schleifer, P., & Sun, Y. (2018). Emerging markets and private governance: the political economy of sustainable palm oil in China and India. Review of International Political Economy, online first. 

Sun, Y. (2017). Transnational Public-Private Partnerships as Learning Facilitators: Global Governance of Mercury. Global Environmental Politics, 17(2), 21–44. 

​​Fedorenko, I., & Sun, Y. (2016). Microblogging-Based Civic Participation on Environment in China: A Case Study of the PM 2.5 Campaign. VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, 27(5), 2077–2105. 

Sun, Y. (2016). The Changing Role of China in Global Environmental Governance. Rising Powers Quarterly, 1(1), 43–53. 

Encyclopedia entry 

Andonova, L., & Sun, Y. 2017. Private GovernanceOxford Bibliographies in Political Science. DOI: 10.1093/OBO/9780199756223-0216

Book review

Sun, Y. (2016). Lo, Alex. 2016. Carbon Trading in China: Environmental Discourse and Politics. Houndmills, UK: Palgrave MacmillanGlobal Environmental Politics, 16(3), 159-161.

Work in progress

Private Governance in Developing Countries: What Are the Drivers of Voluntary Carbon Offset Programs?
(with Liliana Andonova, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies), under review (draft available upon request)

Fertile ground without seeds: Re-visiting Limitations of Transnational Sustainability Governance in China (draft available upon request)

Swimming in their Own Directions: Explaining Domestic Variation in Sustainability Governance for Aquaculture in Asia 
(with Hamish van der Ven, McGill University)

Beyond Consumerism: How Policy Framing Affects Citizens’ Willingness to Reduce Meat Consumption and Car Use in China, Germany, and the United States (with Lukas Fesenfeld, Micheal Wicki, and Thomas Bernauer, ETH Zurich)